Only 3 km away from Grizzana, a fortress-town with sight-tower in the Middle Age (abt. XIV century), Tavernola is today a tranquil and hospitable place to stay and rest in pure nature, surrounded by 24 hectars of wood (oaks and chestnut trees). In the neighbourhood you find others nice fourteenth-century villages, such as: Stanco di Sotto, Campolo, La Scola, Tudiano.

Grizzana Morandi
Grizzana only 40 km away from Bologna, and 60 km from Florence, rises on the ridge between the two rivers Setta and Reno of the Toscan-Emily Appennine. Because of its border position, since the Middle Age period, this area has been the site of harsh struggles between the Bolognas’ and Florences’ feudal powers. Rich in flora and fauna typical of the Appennnines, in the 1985 Grizzana assumed the name of Grizzana Morandi to pay homage to the great Bologna’s painter Giorgio Morandi, who loved to spend his summers here from 1913 onwards. In Grizzana he created his best works of art. It is possible to visit his House and the Museum.
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At 900 m (o.s.l.), Montovolo represents the most significant artistic place of this area. At the top of the hill, you find the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna, dated back to the X century, when the bishof Alfredo of Bologna presented his canonicals with the church. Not far away, there is the oratory of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, built during the XIII century by the Comacini Masters.

Marzabotto, only 15 km from Grizzana, is an Etruscan town, famous for its archaeological excavations in Misa: in the Museum important findings of the Etruscan village are kept. The remanis of temples, an acropolis and a necropolis can be visited.

This was part of the territories ruled by Matilde di Canossa. 25 km from Grizzana, you reach Camugnano in the very heart of a wonderful hills area, where nature is still uncontaminated. Here you can visit the “Centro del Parco dei Laghi”. Among woods and springs, at the basins of Suviana and Brasimone, you can walk along the lakes exploring flora and fauna. Fishing and windsurfing is possible, too.

Porretta Terme
25 km away from Grizzana, on the road to Pistoia, is Porretta Terme, surrounded by a marvellous thick vegetation of chestnut trees. At 400 m. (o.s.l.) Porretta is famous for its millenary spas. These sulphureous waters have many extraordinary characteristics to prevent and to heal several unbalances of our organism. The staff is highly qualified.

• In Grizzana Morandi the “working bakehouse” of Guidi offers various traditional local cakes, sweets and biscuits; so, do not forget to buy the famous “zuccherino montanaro” of Bologna!
• In Campolo the “Trattoria dell’Anna” is a welcoming and cosy place to taste special unique dishes like mushrooms and truffles, wildboar and polenta, all year.
• In Pietracolora at 850 m. (o.s.l.) close to Gaggio Montano you find the pretty “Righi’s workshop”, which offers local salami, ham, cheese (parmigiano reggiano), wine and the real Bologna’s mortadella.

Bologna, 40 km away from Grizzana, boasts monuments from the Etruscan, Romanic and Middle Age period, as well as important Museums and an active cultural life. It has been called “Bologna 2000: European Cultural Town”. Particularly appealing are the international fair district and the smart shopping in downtown. Bologna is very well known for its most ancient University and for its excellent emilian cooking.